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Home Breast accessories Versatile Double-Sided Clothing & Body Tape - 5m

Versatile Double-Sided Clothing & Body Tape - 5m

Price: $ 1374

Fix and secure your outfits anytime with our versatile double-sided tape for clothing and body. This multifunctional accessory is a wardrobe lifesaver. Use it to close gaps between buttons on shirts or blouses, secure bra straps to your body or clothing, repair hems, fix jacket lapels, shorten sleeves and pant legs, secure parts of backless or low-cut outfits to your body, fix hoods, or attach padding to bras or clothing. To use, simply apply a piece of tape to your clothing, remove the white strip, and adhere it to your skin or another part of the garment. Press firmly to ensure good adhesion. When removing, gently peel the tape off your skin and clothing. Always remove tape before washing clothes. Do not use on burnt or damaged skin, open wounds. Use only on clean, dry skin without lotion or powder. The tape may come loose with high temperatures or sweating. If you feel itching or burning, remove the tape immediately. The tape lasts approximately 4 hours and can damage delicate fabrics, fuzzy materials, or knits, so avoid using it on such garments. The tape is clear, 5 meters long, and 16 mm wide. The dispenser is reusable, and the roll is replaceable.

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