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Price: $ 2193
Elevate Your Style with Our Handcrafted Leg Jewelry - Size:
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  • Break the Mold with Our Handcrafted Anklet.  It consists of a black elastic band with adjustable length, adorned with a black chain. Designed for maximum comfort, this model does not fasten with clasps, providing you with freedom of movement. Wear it boldly to showcase the entire accessory or more subtly by exposing only the chain. Matching possibilities are diverse – from shorts at a beach party to a long slit skirt for a formal dinner! For size XS/XL, the elastic band covers 30-60 cm, and the chain has a length of 55 cm. For size 2XL/6XL, the elastic band covers 50-100 cm, and the chain is 70 cm long. This anklet is the perfect and fresh addition to your wardrobe. The product is packaged in a box with a charming sticker, suitable not only for you but also as a gift for a loved on

    Price: $ 1420
  • Discover uniqueness and refinement with the Handcrafted Bracelet featuring a Black Chain Ring, a manually crafted accessory. This black harness bracelet adjusts easily due to its length regulation and a shimmering black chain. The clasp-free design ensures maximum comfort, allowing you to effortlessly wear it even under long-sleeved clothing, where the subtle chain will elegantly emerge. The universal dimensions cover a wide range of wrist sizes, from 14 cm to 28 cm. Packaged in an elegant box with a playful sticker, this product is suitable for a special gift.

    Price: $ 1085
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