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Bra insert pads


Pads are usually used and intended for women with small and medium-sized breasts. They help lift the bust upward and toward the centre – the so called push-up effect. They are placed in the cups of bras, swimwear, bustier, dresses. They come in various shapes, fabrics and colours. We need to consider a few things in order to choose the right design for our needs. 

The outfit we want to use the pads with - whether it has a pocket for them or not. 

If there is such, we recommend that you use non-adhesive pads made of foam or silicone. They are also suitable for swimwear. Foam pads are preferred over silicone ones. They are much lighter and in most cases can be cut at the edge - so you can adjust the design yourself to fit the shape of your cup. If necessary, they can be sewn to a garment or linen without a padding pocket. 

If there is no padding pocket, the self-adhesive padding is a practical solution. They are glued to the garment and are reusable.  

Another important feature when choosing a pad is the shape - it must fit the shape of the cup, oval or triangular. 

To decide how well the size will fit, measure the cup and compare it to the size of the pad - this will determine how well the cup will be filled. Choose the right colour. You are already head and shoulders above the rest.

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