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Stylish and different


Winter holidays are approaching and and for this special occasion every true lady wants to sparkle like a princess. How do we impress everyone at a company party or family reunion with last year's outfit? We all have a simple black dress in our wardrobe or a shirt with a classic cut and colour. This is where the accessories come to help, they could revive our outfit. Though insignificant at first glance, each accessory gives new life to dull garment. Jabot, cape, choker or harness, gloves, small hat with veil, wide belt, bracelet or extravagant necklace - these are all smart solutions that help you enhance your feminine side without affecting your budget just before the holidays. Harness is the latest hit in fashion. This extravagant accessory is made of leather or elastic and can be worn on almost any outfit, giving it a stunning look. Even the dull shirt or dress can become a really different outfit. Corset belts and wide belts are also a good choice. Adding them on a shirt, top or dress is a great way to give your look a touch of elegance. In addition, under-the-bust corsets sculpt the waistline, smooth and conceal imperfections, and help you achieve the much sought-after hourglass shape without annoying diets. Wide belts also visually slim the waist, though not as much as corsets do, but they are more comfortable to wear and easy to combine. It is said that jewellery is the weakness of every woman and holiday evenings are the perfect time to sparkle and shine. Why not transform a boring blouse or jacket into a beautiful garment by sewing mini-pendants, stones or enhance them with embroidered applique? By using your creativity and imagination, you won't have to worry about wearing the same outfit as someone else at the party. Your outfit will no longer be ready-made but truly exciting and one-of-a-kind.

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