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Latex corset


During a busy workout for firming and tightening the waist and for burning fat in this area. For overweight ladies - for shaping the silhouette under the garment and for slimming effect. It is recommended to use it daily for about 2 hours. For women's postpartum period – you can wear it for at least a month after birth in order to tighten the muscles in the abdomen and maintain the back. Also suitable for ladies who spend hours in front of a computer – it keeps their backs straight. Latex corsets are made with different number of underwires - min.4 pieces, max. 25 pieces. KORSET BG recommends latex corset with breathable cotton lining and 9 flexible steel underwires. The regular use of the latex corset achieves the so-called waist training effect. What exactly is waist training? Literally it means training your waist, or sculpting an hourglass shape using an underwired corset.

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